Сельский туризм

Idyllic country life

Those who want to experience the authenticity of Konavle region and people and those who want to experience the idyllic rural life inside Konavle will certainly find many features of rural tourism that will enable them, at least for a second, to escape from the city noise and revive forgotten images of his childhood.

For those who want to spend their holiday in peaceful rural environment, enjoy nature walks and wake up to birds chirping we recommend staying in rural households or rural homes.

As well, you can experience Konavle authenticity through numerous excursion programs which include many outdoor activities and visits to rural households and tasting of the local wine and food prepared in the traditional way.

Туристическое cообщество Общины Конавле

Aдрес: Туристическое cообщество Общины Конавле
Zidine 6, 20210 Cavtat - HR
Тел/факс: Тел: +385 (0)20 479 025
факс: +385 (0)20 478 025